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After moving from LA to CT, I had to end my coveraCustomer 02M.W.ge there to begin coverage here.  However, I found it difficult to impossible to do it myself.  After weeks of unsuccessful attempts to arrange my current coverage, I found myself frustrated at every turn.  I answered an ad offering help and mailed out a card. (Although I was skeptical, I was at the end of my rope and had to have coverage).  And then Ralph Anthony contacted me!!  We set up a meeting, and at that meeting he was able to cancel my coverage in LA and get coverage for me in CT.  The coverage not only met but exceeded my expectations!  I was also able to obtain a life insurance policy, which fit within my moderate budget.  I would recommend Ralph highly to anyone who wants to ensure they are getting the right benefits for themselves and their families.  I recommended Ralph to my sister who was in the process of retiring. He was able to help her make the transition from working to retirement with great ease.

M.B. 66 Years Old

I met with Ralph while I was making nearly all-new benefit coverage decisions, as a result of my upcoming retirement.  He was a font of knowledge and guided me through coverage, evaluation and selection decisions with respect to medical, in-network physicians, prescriptions, dental, eyecare and other benefit coverage.  He pointed out the differences and similarities between my previous employer’s benefits coverage versus the options of Medicare Advantage,  Supplemental Plans as well as others.  I also needed to obtain more life insurance and with Ralph’s assistance I was able to obtain the additional coverage I needed. I now have peace of mind that my medical bills will be covered and I my family will be well taken care of even after I pass. I recommend him highly!

M.W. 65 Years Old

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