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Medicare Supplemental Insurance

Medicare- In order to be eligible for Medicare you must be 65 years or older, Younger than 65 with full disability for 2+ years or you have end stage renal disease. Original Medicare has both Parts A + B. Most people pay a premium for Medicare part B however, there are certain programs that eligible individuals can qualify for these premiums to be covered.

Medicare does not fully cover 100% of medical expenses and can leave families in financial stress if they are not properly prepared. Medicare Part C also known as Medicare Advantage plans are considered an alternative to original Medicare. These Medicare advantage plans are offered by private, Medicare-approved companies. These plans cover the same services that original Medicare parts A + B covers. Typically, these plans offer additional benefits for prescription drug coverage, dental, vision, hearing and more. This depends on the company and particular Medicare Advantage plan you enroll in.

Medicare Supplements are plans that pay a higher percentage than original Medicare and sometimes the full amount of co-insurance for Medicare approved expenses. Medicare can be confusing but with the proper planning it can be made simple.